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We’ll start you with voice lessons, but will give you the opportunity to advance to so much more! Here is a glance of our skill levels and what you can expect as your progress through our group class program for only $20 per week.   As you can see, this multi-level development experience is designed to fully develop your talent mentally, emotionally and artistically to become a marketable brand for all audiences to enjoy.  
Once you complete the final level (SUPER NOVA), @StarFactoryAD management will exercise our resources to propel you to as many opportunities for exposure as possible. (Similar to a job placement department at a college) Request your free consultation today  

Each of our skill levels is accompanied by an awesome feature that allows you to build your package/portfolio as your progress through our talent development regiment. From photo shoots, to studio sessions, to music videos and more, we are committed to our client’s experience being as fun and rewarding as possible during their journey here at Star Factory.  

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