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If raw talent was measurable, then ten year old singing dynamo DIAMOND KARREUN WHITE would be considered in the upper echelon in the singing and performing dept. Her natural gift of song, which is finely tuned and crafted at Star Factory has allowed her to be whisked away to New York City in the summer of 2009 to audition for the Disney production and shortly after booked the role of “Young Nala”. Currently 13 years of age, Diamond won the hearts of millions on the show X-Factor making it to the TOP 5  with her big voice and even bigger personality. We wish her nothing but continued success and will continue to root for her all the way. She is truly one of Star Factory’s first-class success stories. Go Diamond Go!




We met 12 year old Jibreel in our 2010 Got Talent Summer Camp and we’re blown away by his exponential growth and uncanny ability to emulate the singing and dancing prowess of the late great Michael Jackson. Fast forward two years later and Jibreel landed a role on Broadway as young MJ in Motown the Musical. Jibreel has done several Got Talent summer camps here at Star Factory in addition to many hours of private boot camp training. After several amazing performances at our Winter Concerts and Got Talent Concerts, Jibreel’s mom’s phone began to blow up with tons of requests to perform and audition from coast to coast. Jibreel is set to release his debut single “Bus Stop” in 2013, along with starring as young Michael Jackson and young Stevie in the highly anticipated Broadway Musical, Motown. Jibreel, already a proven child star, will surely be a household name in the near future. –STAR FACTORY STAMPED



Andrew “Drew32” Parks, came to Star Factory in 2008 in search of building up his stage presence, confidence and slam dunking skills. While we had to disappoint the avid b-baller with the latter, our team sure delivered on taking the rapper/producer’s stage repertoire to monumental new heights. 4 years later, and 100+ shows later, Drew32 is recognized as one of the best performers/rappers in Michigan and beyond. His buzz began to build exponentially after shooting and marketing a music video (in which Star Factory was hired to provide choreography and backup dancers) for his self produced debut single “Beyond Me” which was eventually added to FuseTV and Comcast OnDemand. Since then, he has performed numerous concerts in Michigan and at national events including the Sundance Film Festival and the SXSW Music Conference. Drew32 has released a total of eight mixtapes, including his most recent release, “Label Me”, which is hosted by DJ Skee [of KIIS-FM and Sirius-XM Hip-Hop Nation fame] and a bonus track with Shady Records artist Royce Da 5’9″. These tracks and others have been featured on various hip-hop sites and blogs including HipHopDx, AllHipHop, GoodMusicAllDay, RapBasement, ThisIs50, and MTV Rapfix. To download Drew32′s most recent music, please visit



10 year old singer, actor, and model Ethan Markus is one of the most talented, and one of busiest young stars we’ve had the privilege of working with. Ethan is still an active client at Star Factory excelling in his private boot camp which consists of singing, dancing and performing. Since registering with Star Factory, we’ve seen Ethan travel from coast to coast to landing modeling film and theatre gigs left and right. Even though he’s signed to several agencies such as Osbrink in L.A. and Lily’s Talent in Chicago, Ethan continues to value his artist development here at Star Factory which full intentions of becoming a triple threat and household name in the entertainment industry. If you’re an avid video gamer, theatre patron, or indie film watcher, you may have already been exposed to Ethan’s talent in acting and voice overs. Our team loves working with such a talent as Ethan and we know he has a very bright future ahead of his already shining present. –STAR FACTORY STAMPED



Laderryl “JiG” Hart, was taken under the wing of Star Factory CEO, Brandon Smith, even before the doors of SF were ever open. JiG, a choreographer turned Pop/R&B entertainer, managed to build an amazing fan base through his massively popular school tours set up by Smith. He was also offered a regional distribution deal during his stint with SF. Deciding to go another route, JiG and Smith started SF’s first dance company, JiG Saw Worldwide, which grew to astronomical proportions and helped put SF on the map as a dance powerhouse in Michigan. His success with JiG Saw allowed him to land dance jobs touring and in music videos for Missy Elliot, Gnarls Barkely, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Joss Stone and more. Currently JiG lives in California and just released a stellar mixtape entitled “Hartbr8k Hotel.” –STAR FACTORY STAMPED



Boi came to Star Factory as four individual artists looking for training and the means to thrust their careers to the next level. Immediately, CEO, Brandon Smith saw the vision of one of the country’s most popular girl groups of 2010. After a year of intense development and studio sessions, BOi’s YouTube channel, had accumulated more views than any other unsigned girl group in the country. They visited 45 schools on a tour with popular Michigan publication, The FrontPage. Their buzz single, Let Down My Hair, helped BOi solidify very respectable radio play throughout the Midwest. In early 2011, BOi was able to attract the attention of several major record labels and production companies, but weren’t able to strike gold due to irreconcilable differences as they eventually broke up. L This phenomenal girl group still goes down as one of Star Factory’s greatest projects. –STAR FACTORY STAMPED



After relocating from Portland, OR to Detroit to attend Wayne State, R&B recording artist, Princeton Richardson came to Star Factory to attend an audition that Boyz II Men was hosting to find fresh new talent. He soon enrolled in SF’s GET MADE Artist Boot Camp and SF immediately became his new home. It seems as if Princeton did a complete 180 after 6 months into his development at SF. With his new found swagger, incredible stage performance and finely tuned voice, Star Factory affiliate Kenny Valentino put together an extremely effective promotional scheme to brand Princeton’s name and hot single. One year later, after opening for every major artist that came in town, gaining respectable radio play, and headlining a school tour, Princeton was able to stir up a buzz so loud in Detroit that labels around the country began to keep tabs on him. Princeton, recently signed with a management company and is entertaining several production deals from reputable companies across the country. –STAR FACTORY STAMPED



Music Producers Emmanuel Griggs and Roderick Marshall heard about Star Factory via a radio advertisement and decide to inquire about GET MADE Producers Boot Camp. 8 weeks later, they were declared the winners and official in house producers of SF. After producing Princeton’s 1st single, and building their catalog with writers Pen Pal and Squeeze, they decided to move their operation to Atlanta to further pursue their goal of become super producers. After hearing a Raw Talent track in the Star Factory catalog, J Records recording artist Mike Posner, decided to rekindle an already existing relationship with Emmanuel and Roderick. After collaborating on several masterpieces together, Posner decided to offer Raw Talent a publishing and production deal through his publishing company through Sony/ATV. This could be the first step of a long and prosperous career for the 2 music geniuses. –STAR FACTORY STAMPED



Jennifer Sheffield is, according to CEO Brandon Smith, one of the best vocalists in Michigan. Coming to Star Factory to enhance her studio etiquette and general knowledge of the music industry, the SF staff instantly fell in love with her warm buttery voice and BIG personality. Smith, eventually asked her to be the official female reference singer for all SF demos. This led to people all over the country asking “who is that singing on this record?” One of those people was

Motown based legend writer, producer and talent developer Don Davis, who was blown away by her gift of song and immediately offered her an indie deal. Deciding that the deal might not be the best situation for her at the time, Jennifer began to attend auditions at SF and other places to sing backup for national artists. She landed tour dates with Salt n Pepa, Christopher Williams, Raheem DeVaughn  and 2 European legs with the Golden Gospel Singers. –STAR FACTORY STAMPED

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Carri, Sophie and Dynasti, professionally known as “A.D.D.” are three amazingly talented teenagers met via Star Factory’s annual Kids Summer Camp 2011 and were blown away by their similarities in talent, drive, high energy and like-ability. One is an athletic model with the swag of an unicorn, another is a perky cheerleader with the voice of an angel, and the other is a monstrous hip-hop dancer who was a court jester in a former life. The aggressively likable trio has a way of making you love them whether they are singing at a sleep over, dancing on a rooftop, or having a food fight, with candy. In their down time, they are as silly and playful as most 14 and 15 year olds, but when play-time is over, their work ethic is of Olympic proportions.

Having secured a production deal with an Atlanta based company, they are currently on a school tour entitled the “Life After High School Tour” promoting positive messages of taking action in planning your career path, their fan base is exploding before their eye, allowing them to release their debut single “So Cocky” to fans across the globe. Their head turning name which stands for Artistic Dynamic Demeanor, rather than the brazen presumption “attention deficit disorder” puts a positive spin on the high energy acronym.

“Admit it, we all have A.D.D! We are 3 hyperactive musical geniuses poised to car jack a record deal. Accept your A.D.D. & respect our Artist Dynamic Demeanor!”  –STAR FACTORY STAMPED

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